Special Offers

To jump start my new business I am offering some great package deals.
And a monthly free website design offer!

Pricing and Package Deals

What does it cost ?

That's the biggest question on a potential clients mind when considering which company or freelanceer to choose for their project. But asking what it will cost before I find out what you want included in your website project is like asking what it costs to build a house. How big do you want the house to be, one story or two? How many bathrooms do you want? You get the idea, it all depends on you and your requirements. Contact me, let me know what you want included in your project, and then I can tell you what it will cost.

Clueless Clients

If you know it's time to get a website for your business or organization, but you don't have a clue what comes next after that decision, contact me. I will go through the options with you, and help you decide what features are needed for your project.

Starter Wordpress Package

For a small business or organization on a tight budget, I suggest a Wordpress powered website. I will install Wordpress for you, help you choose a theme and customize it for you. From that point on, you will be able to add your own content. The price depends on how much customization you want, whether or not you want me to provide hosting for you, and how much time you would want me to spend teaching you the Wordpress interface. A basic Wordpress website installation with theme customization will start at $200.00.

Photo Package

This package is great to show off your goods or services. It includes a slide show of photos on the home page, or a pop up photo display. You would feature photos of your products, like home made candy, or restaurant specialties, or people who are happy with your services. Take a look at this example of a pop up photo page Photo page or the Slide Show page. A one page website with either photo feature will start at $250.00.

Five page website

For more content, this package includes a custom design, home page, a content page, a photo page, an about page, and a contact page. The pricing on this package begins at $500.00, and depends on the details of your requirements.

Custom plans, and what will it cost?

Packages above are suggestions, and your needs will be discussed to come up with a custom plan for you. To be able to provide you with an accurate estimate, you will need to let me know in detail what you want included in your project. My prices are quite reasonable, and I can advise you on how to keep costs down.

Non Profit Organizations

If you represent a non-profit organization and need web design and or hosting for your website, please contact me. I do some non-profit work free or at reduced cost depending on the size and complexity of the project. Contact me with the details, and if I can fit the project into my schedule and your cause is close to my heart, I may agree to take it on.

Website design is my passion, please Contact me to discuss your Website project needs and how I can make it happen for you.