The Process of Design and Development

The process for designing and developing your website project is detailed for you in a contract.
A contract makes expectations for your project clear and helps us to avoid surprises.

How I Create your Website

First we have an Initial Consultation. You tell me your plans for your website project. You tell me your ideas, likes and dislikes. You will show me any existing images you already use in your business or organization. We discuss the need for new graphics or optimizing your existing graphics for the internet. We decide on how many pages you want in your project, and how the content will be organized.

Well, that's how it's supposed to work! In real life, my clients have given me very little direction and complete creative freedom. So I can accomodate either style, your provide some input, or you leave it entirely up to me.

Some of my favorite software programs are Dreamweaver and Photoshop by Adobe. I also use and love WordPress. If we choose WordPress for your project, I can help you choose a free theme, a premium theme, or a custom theme, whichever option best meets your needs and your budget.

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I require one third of the contract amount to be paid before I begin work. Within a short time, I will show you a first draft. Your input is requested, and I use that to produce a second draft. You then give me final comments, and a final draft is made. The second payment is due when the final draft is done, and before production begins. Once production is complete, the final payment is due, and then your website project is published.

This is just a quick summary of the process. Once we decide to work together on your project, you will receive a full contract.