Examples of my work

I have created some of these designs from scratch, others are based on open source templates or themes, and would be modified as needed to suit your project. Let me know what you envision and I can make it happen.

Non Profit Website

Their old site was very out of date, the home page took a long time to load, and had no real content on it. Here's a copy of the old design for comparison. They now have a website that looks up to date, loads fast, and is well organized.

Link to a non profit website I designed

Informational site reconstructed

I took on the task of recreating this website after it went offline, using a similar domain name. The website is information about a rare kidney disease, and it is the most informative website online about this rare condition. Over 500 people belong to an associated online support group, of which I am a moderator. Recently I redesigned it using WordPress.

Informational site about a rare disease

A Flash Photo Display

Very cool effects, looks like a roll of film across the bottom of the screen, and it includes music too. See the display here.

Lightbox Sample

Template using CSS

This design was contructed with CSS instead of tables. The coding creates fast loading pages, and is very easy to make sitewide changes in the future. Colors and images can be changed to suit your project.

Teal CSS template

Showcasing a Writer, Peggy Elliott

Peggy writes a column for a small newspaper that does not publish online. Although I attemped to get her involved in the design process, she really had no idea of what it should be like. I had complete creative freedom for this project, and choose a design that doesn't detract from her writing, she is happy with the final result.

Wordpress Design

You could use this for a journal or a personal website. Wordpress sites are especially fast and easy, and you can update the site yourself once I set it up and customize it for you. Color choices and photos can be modified to suit your purpose.

Wordpress Design

Michigan NOW

I was granted complete freedom to use my own judgement on style and organization in this redesign project. After 15 months I resigned and turned over the task to another member. They are still using some of the elements of my design, but gradually it is being changed.

Link to the Michigan NOW website that I designed

Photo LightBox Popup Display

My favorite is what's known as "The LightBox". When a thumbnail is clicked on, the full image pops up, with a transparent page background to emphasize the photo and partially obscure the page. Take a look at my sample lightbox page. A picture is worth a thousand words!

A different Lightbox photo display page

WordPress Project

I put this site together in less than a week using WordPress. Now members of the group can update it themselves.

Business Design

I can put a design together for your business in just a few days. This is one example of a quick businesslike site design. It has a crisp serious look to it. Colors and graphics can be changed to suit your needs.

Teal CSS template

Business Design using Wordpress

Here's a clean looking business design based on Wordpress. That means you could update the site yourself one it's installed and customized. Colors and graphics can be changed to suit your needs.

Business Design using Wordpress

Michigan Political Action Committee for NOW

Once the NOW chapter saw what I could do for their website, they asked me to design one for their political action committee. A new volunteer has taken it over, and most of my initial design is still being used.

Link to a website I designed

Slide Show Design

This slide show design is displayed with an imaginary dog club website. The design is begging for the perfect project. Something that needs to be shown off, a product you make, services you provide, or happy customer faces could be featured.

Link to a website I designed

Finishing Touches, Favicons

A favicon is the little image that shows up in the address bar on some websites. Google has one, it's colorful G that reflects the color and theme of Google. A favicon is limited to 16 dots by 16 dots in size, so it can be tricky to create something that small. Here are some of my favorite favicon creations.

My Favicons Mondrian, modern art Dalai Lama Monarch Butterfly Klee, head of a Man Chinese symbol for Power Chinese symbol for music Chinese symbol for Peace