There are lots of ways to put a website together. You can pay someone to create a custom design for you. You can purchase a template and pay someone to customize it for you. Either you will want a static html website that needs to be updated by someone who knows html coding, or you can choose a CMS system, like WordPress (FREE!), and then you will be able to update it yourself, without any coding knowledge.

Templates or themes are designs prepared head of time, before a customer contracts for a custom design. They save time by providing a base design to build on and allows for customization without having to start from scratch.

I have some templates that I coded myself, some I purchased to use on future projects. In addition, my hosting company offers over 4000 templates for free. The only requirement is that you use their hosting services.

Here’s some of the templates I have on hand.

This design was created in anticipation of creating new websites for the Association of Retarded Citizens chapters, known as The Arc. I’ve already done two chapter websites, Oakland county MI and Downriver MI.

See the Oakland Arc here.

See the Downriver Arc here.

This is a modification of a popluar WordPress theme, Cutline. It’s Open Source, meaning it’s legal to modify and reuse as you like. The theme is designed to show a different photo on each category page, a great way to display photos or merchandise. The photos do need to be rectangular though, 770pixels by 140 pixels. If you would like me to modify this theme for you, we will need to find and modify photos to suit.

This is a design intended for a news site. I have a plan to modify the colors and use it for a local news website, but haven’t got around to it yet. So many plans, so little time!

Here’s a template I created for National Organization for Women chapters to use with WordPress. I used to manage the Michigan chapter website, but it got to be too much, almost a full time job. But if you use WordPress, once the website is set up with the FREE :) WordPress software, and the WordPress theme is installed, anyone can do the updates. You won’t need to contact a webmaster every time you need to update your website!

This is another WordPress theme. It has a slideshow feature. You can add photos in the theme to show rotating images right on your home page. Would be great to show off dogs, or items for sale, or plates of food if you do catering, whatever!


This is a sleek and simple website template designed for a business or organization that primarily wants to share information.