I will design a layout based on your needs and preferences, using the most up to date techniques. I use Cascading Style Sheets as much as possible instead of tables. This technique creates fast loading pages and allows for easy updates and modifications later on.

Graphic Design

You will need some graphics for your project. I can design an entirely new logo or transform your existing logo for internet publishing.

If you want photographs in your website project, (recommended) I can optimize your photos or help you choose stock photos.


The ADA law (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires your website to be accessible to the handicapped. Did you know that Target Stores website has been sued for not using accessible techniques? Here’s a summary of these types of cases, including the ongoing lawsuit with Target. I will develop code that mets these requirements for your project.

Text Content Proofreading and Editing

If you haven’t had someone with strong english language skills review your text content, you could be giving your website visitors a poor impression. I can proofread for spelling and punctuation errors, as well as checking for the correct word usage. I will review descriptions for completeness and directions for clarity. I will make sure your narratives are clear, concise, and flow naturally, one topic leading to the next. I can show you how to optimize your text for the search engines.


I’m available on an hourly basis to repair damage done when someone thinks they know how to do updates!


All websites require a hosting account. If you aleady have a hosting account, I will need access to publish your completed project. If you need to purchase a hosting account, I recommend two companies I use, Lunarpages and Hostgator . On request, I will open an account on your behalf.


I offer all my clients one month of free maintenance after the initial launch of the project. This gives the opportunity to review the website and make minor adjustments without charge for one month. After that, I am available for website maintenance either on a monthly contract basis or for occasional requests on an hourly basis.

Paypal Setup

You can accept payment by PayPal, your customers can use their credit cards without becoming PayPal customers. You will not be required to pay expensive fees to open a merchant account. Your customers will see a PayPal button with credit card images.

Email Account Setup

Hosting accounts include email accounts so that your website email address matches your domain name. The host expects you to set up your own email account.

Website Promotion

Once your website is published, it needs to be promoted in order to draw traffic. I design website projects to be search engine friendly. Getting a website to come up high in search results is a labor intensive ongoing process, you may wish to hire me on a monthly contract basis to perform this service.