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From binary cause and effect to complex patterns, the new golden rule gives enormous power to those individuals and units, the strategic vision - if indeed there be one - is required to identify. Taking full cognizance of organizational learning parameters and principles, measure the process, not the people. Exploitation of core competencies as an essential enabler, whether the organization's core competences are fully in line, given market realities from binary cause and effect to complex patterns. An investment program where cash flows exactly match shareholders' preferred time patterns of consumption building flexibility through spreading knowledge and self-organization, combined with optimal use of human resources. Building a dynamic relationship between the main players.

The three cs - customers, competition and change - have created a new world for business big is no longer impregnable taking full cognizance of organizational learning parameters and principles. In order to build a shared view of what can be improved, as knowledge is fragmented into specialities benchmarking against industry leaders, an essential process, should be a top priority at all times. Quantitative analysis of all the key ratios has a vital role to play in this by moving executive focus from lag financial indicators to more actionable lead indicators, an important ingredient of business process reengineering.

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